"This show is so great it gets its own shout out.The acts are candy-corn sugar coated with a bone-chilling eeriness. "

- Dallas Observer

"This is a hand crafted entertainment masterpiece of the highest degree"

- Dan Mojica

"the songs were like a trove of music that would make Tim Burton go crazy - in a good way"

- Little D After Dark

"(CDH) walks the line between disturbing and safe"

- Denton Record Chronicle

"the orchestration is atmospheric, cinematic, and animated"

- Denton Record Chronicle

"(CDH) recaptures the true spookiness and fun of the ghostly holiday, Halloween"

- Dallas Observer

"Cirque du Horror could become a local tradition…the start of something wonderful and just a bit macabre"

- Denton Record Chronicle

"It tips the hat to the homemade charm of Halloweens gone by…with equal parts spooky mystery and spun sugar lightness."

- Denton Record Chronicle

"Scary, yes — scary good."

- FW Weekly